Henry Dibrell



Henry Dibrell

Henry Dibrell Announces Run for Re-election to Katy ISD Board of Trustees
On January 18, 2017 Henry Dibrell announced his candidacy for the Katy Independent School Board.

“First and foremost, I am the proud parent of four Katy ISD students who my wife and I have had the privilege to raise in a thriving community and great schools,” said Dibrell. “It’s been such an honor to serve my community and neighbors over the past six years, and I hope to continue to work on behalf of my fellow taxpayers who expect high quality schools and cost efficiencies in managing them.”

Since first having been elected to the Board in 2011, Dibrell has worked for student success in all areas— striving for rigorous academics and competitive athletic and fine arts programs. Over the past six years Katy ISD students have consistently outperformed their peers in the SAT and ACT, while the district’s schools have been recognized as among the best in the region by Niche, an education rating organization. Dibrell has also been a staunch steward of the taxpayer dollar. As a fiscal conservative he played a key role in lowering the school tax rate by one cent last year. During his tenure, the district has earned “Superior Achievement” by the School Financial Integrity System of Texas (FIRST) and the Texas Comptroller of Public Account’s Leadership Circle Award for government financial transparency.

In his next term Dibrell says he will continue to demand a high level of excellence and access to unparalleled educational opportunities for Katy ISD students, as well as champion budgetary efficiencies that lead to another eventual cut in school taxes.

Dibrell has been a resident of Katy for over a decade, He is a licensed minister and holds a B.S. in marketing from Northwestern State University. Dibrell was also recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Texas Association of School Boards. More than 30 Katy community leaders have endorsed Dibrell to date. To learn more about Dibrell visit www.henrydibrell.com or https://www.facebook.com/DibrellforKatyISD/

The election for the Katy ISD school board takes place on May 6, 2017. For more information, click here: http://www.katyisd.org/dept/sb/Pages/Board-Election.aspx .


  • Mr. Dibrell is a man who believes in achieving high academic success and is a champion for our kids in Katy ISD. His presence at many district events demonstrates his support for the outstanding co-curricular activities of our students and conveys his personal commitment to their success, both in the classroom and beyond. He is a vocal watchdog of Katy ISD and demands the highest level of excellence from himself and the district, and a man of great integrity and honor. He is fighting to retire the STARR test, and bring reasonable assessments to the classroom, so our teachers can teach and our children excel. He has my full support and I ask you to stand with him in May. Please remember, every vote counts!

    Jacqueline Lucci Smith – Former Harris County Judge

    Kaye T. Goolsby – as National Grassroots Chair Ted Cruz Campaign
  • "As a school board member seeking re-election for a third term to Position 5, Henry Dibrell has been a proponent for excellence in student success and academic achievement.  He has been instrumental in support of increasing co-curricular activities for students across the district and believes in equity for all. Working in Katy ISD for over 30 years, I have had the opportunity to get to know Henry Dibrell as a board member and witness the support he has provided to students, the district and to the Katy community. I endorse Henry Dibrell for re-election to Katy Board of Trustees, Position 5."  

    MayDell Jenks Retired as Director of Other Languages, Katy ISD Namesake
  • "Henry Dibrell has demonstrated his commitment to serving the Katy area and supporting our teachers and students, he deserves to be re-elected as a KISD Trustee."

    Fort Bend County, TX : Commissioner Precinct 3
  • "Henry Dibrell has my complete support for re-election as Katy ISD Trustee. His unwavering interest in his community and specifically the education of children in the KISD is without question. Through his conservative leadership, Katy ISD continues to be an educational destination for many families locating to the greater Houston area."

    John M. Zerwas, MD Texas State Representative, District 28
  • "Henry Dibrell is a dedicated trustee who really cares about the children and people in Katy Independent School District. He is totally committeed to support the highest ethical and moral principles that have made our community, our state and our country the best."

    Bill Callegari Texas State Representative, District 130 Former Tustee of the Katy Independent School District
  • "Henry Dibrell is the ultimate School Board member! Mr. Dibrell's time and energy spent serving our students in Katy is amazing! Thanks for everything you do! We appreciate you and your tireless hours of dedication."

    Ray & Jamie Wolman - Namesake Ray & Jamie Wolman Elementary School
  • "As one of our nations "destination communities" we are blessed to have Henry Dibrell serve on the Katy Independent School District Board of Trustees."

    Patsy Stanley - husband of the late Stan Stanley, namesake Stan Stanley Elementary School
  • "As a Katy ISD board member, Henry Dibrell has provided the leadership required for a fast growing school district to sustain a high level of instructional quality. We have known Mr. Dibrell to be a board member who has a focus on students and makes decision based on what is best for students. As a Katy ISD board member Mr. Dibrell will continue to provide the leadership needed to maintain the district's reputation of quality instruction for all students."

    Retired Katy ISD Administrators and Fred and Patti Shafer Elementary namesakes.
  • "It is a great honor for me to endorse Henry Dibrell for his re-election to the Katy ISD School Board. Like a true leader, he is willing to take a stand but can be passionate when needed. His caring attiture and superior knowledge of various subjects makes him effective with district issues. Henry Dibrell is a proud parent and community member. He is an advocate for the district and for the students of Katy ISD."

    O.D. Tompkins, Jr. - Retired Katy ISD Educator Namesake OD Thompkins Junior High School
  • "It is my honor to endorse Henry Dibrell in the upcoming 2017 Katy ISD school board election. Mr. Dibrell is an honest, hardworking community member and family man. He has served as a dedicated Katy ISD Trustee over the last 6 years. Mr. Dibrell is committed to providing the best leadership to our school district as it meets the challenges of our diverse and rapidly growing student population."

    Gigi Bethke - Namesake Bethke Elem.
  • "As a Realtor, Mom of three and PTA member here in Katy, I believe Henry Dibrell will do a great job for the Katy ISD School Board. He has not only coached my son, but has taught him very valuable lessons and has a great work ethic we can all be proud of. We could use someone like him working for our children's future."

    Unjoo Azbill Realtor with Casey Pope Properties
  • “Henry Dibrell and I served together on a local board of directors. His leadership on that board was insightful. Emotions can run high in board meetings …, but Henry brought calm, godly wisdom to the table. … Henry’s wisdom and knowledge in a board setting is invaluable. Choose Henry Dibrell for the Katy ISD School Board.“

    Sherron S. Watkins Former Enron VP and Time’s Magazine 2002 Person of the Year, (The Year of the Whistleblowers)


Full List

Gigi Bethke – Namesake Bethke Elementary
MayDell Jenks – Namesake MayDell Jenks Elementary
Fred and Patt Shafer – Namesake Fred and Patt Shafer Elementary
Patsy Stanley – husband of the late Stan Stanley, namesake Stan Stanley Elementary School
Ray & Jamie Wolman – Namesake Ray & Jamie Wolman Elementary School
John M. Zerwas, MD – Texas State Representative, District 28
Bill Callegari – Former Texas State Representative, District 130
Andy Meyers – Fort Bend County, TX : Commissioner Precinct 3
Kaye T. Goolsby – as National Grassroots Chair Ted Cruz Campaign
Rebecca Fox – Katy ISD School Board
Bryan Mchalsky – Katy ISD School Board
Don Elder – former Mayor of Katy
Sherron S. Watkins – Former Enron VP and Time’s Magazine 2002 Person of the Year
Unjoo Azbill – Realtor with Casey Pope Properties
Elizabeth and Jason Walker – President Republican Women’s Club of Katy and Katy Area Pachyderm Club
Jackie Lucci Smith – Former Harris County Judge
Rob and Michelle Anderson – Founding President, Republican Women’s Club of Katy
Chris Crockett – Founding President, Katy ISD Foundation
Pastor Robert Alan Crutchfield
A.D. Muller
Robert Van Pelt
Lori Ann Belin
John and Melissa Nixon
Elizabeth Johnson
Jacey Jetton
Napo Ghonda Jr.
Malcolm Junior
John Glaser
Pastor Oliver Lee
Lewis and Chakilla White
John Eberlan
Bachelor Johnson
Pastor Doug Stringer
Terry and Terisa Smith
Matt and Lynsey Ortiz
Doug Stringer